Issues: Veterans

The following information is for veterans. Please contact our office for assistance with any questions or problems you may have.

On March 27, 2013, the VA launched a new hotline (1-855-VA-WOMEN) to receive and respond to questions from veterans, their families and caregivers about the many VA services and resources available to women veterans.

According to the VA, the fastest way for veterans to receive a claims decision is to file a “fully developed claim” (FDC). To file an FDC, a veteran or his/her designated representative should submit to the VA all available supporting evidence, like private medical treatment records; identify any relevant records held by federal agencies; and certify he or she has no more evidence to submit (more info here).

The VA's eBenefits website provides resources and self-service capabilities to Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families to research, access and manage their VA and military benefits and personal information. View a factsheet about the eBenefits website here.

Federal Trade Commission warns veterans: be wary of 'free' pension advice

  • Be careful: "Unscrupulous lawyers, financial planners and insurance agents advise veterans over 65 to transfer their assets to a trust, or to invest in insurance products, so they can qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. By following their advice, you could lose your eligibility for Medicaid services and the use of your money for a long time, plus get billed for fees that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars."

Veterans’ facilities in and around the 2nd district

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