Griffin Helps Launch Bipartisan Problem Solvers Initiative

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02), Co-Chair of the bipartisan No Labels Problem Solvers, issued the following statement after the unveiling of the No Labels Problem Solvers Make Government Work legislative initiative:

“Some would have Americans believe that there is nothing but bickering and gridlock in Washington.  It’s good to see that members of both parties--despite real and significant differences on many issues-- can agree on some commonsense measures to save hardworking taxpayer dollars.  It is a first step but a big step in the right direction for us to come together like this to save tens of billions of dollars.”

Griffin is a sponsor of one of the nine Make Government Work bills.  His Buy Smarter and Save More Act (H.R. 2694) would save $10 billion per year by requiring federal agencies to buy products and services in bulk at a cheaper price.  Just like a family can buy twice as much chicken for half the price at Sam’s Club, requiring the federal government to shop for deals on office supplies will save taxpayer dollars. 

A complete list of the nine legislative items in the Make Government Work package can be found here.